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We all have a story.  My greatest privilege is to sit across from someone and hear their story. Whether they are sitting across from me in my office or across a table of pizza sitting at a cute Italian pizza place, that I often sit at (ahem….Bambinos) I love to hear where a person came from, highs and lows, joys and pains and what lessons were learned along the way.

I have had the great honor of hearing the story of someone who just recently threw their hat into the ring as a write-in for Lincoln County Sheriff. As a daughter of veterans I tend to gravitate toward anyone who served our country knowing they certainly live with a sense of honor and loyalty to our country and to the citizens who call our land home.

So often a person’s story is so full of drama that I imagine it could truly be made into a movie. Only once have I actually met someone who was literally offered a script and a contract for their story. I read the script and it was full of drama for sure as only Hollywood can do. This veteran and gentleman put family first and declined the fame and fortune. That movie would have ended when this veteran and sheriff was 33 years old with 15 years of service already in. I met his beautiful wife who is more than willing to support her husband as he desires to walk back into the world of law enforcement to support and protect the people of Lincoln county.

Thankfully Marlyn Woodward has lived a few more chapters in his life story and has continued to be a voice for veterans and for the citizens of any community he has chosen to live in.

We all have a story. Some parts (or scenes) we wish could be edited out but every moment every experience good or bad, joy or pain, right or wrong has shaped us to be the person we are today.

These are some difficult times that we are living in. A lot of anger and negativity. We need brave people who are willing to speak up and face the darkness head-on.  I found one! Yep, I met him, sat across from him and his wife sharing a tasty pizza and I heard his story, the whole story, edited scenes and all and he gets my vote.

This November I will be writing in Woodward for Sheriff casting my vote for a veteran, husband, father, and grampa who is willing to use all the wisdom he has gained along the way fully confident he will speak the truth and push for positive change.  



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