First Live Interview- Me seeing me from a different viewpoint

I can talk to people everyday and those who know me or see me on social media see that I am pretty skilled at selfies. To look back and see me chat for nearly a half an hour is just weird. To see my facial expressions, my expressive eyes and head tilts just made me chuckle. In the end I can’t be anyone but who I am and today this is me all 60 years of me!

I tried to convince a young grand-daughter yesterday that when you reach this age you get to choose how old you want to be and I might choose to be 50 again. She seemed mildly confused but willing to go with it if had forced the issue. As much as I’d love to consider a different and younger year I wouldn’t give up all the growth and lessons learned though, honestly, some of the more painful ones I’d prefer to not have walked through. Still, I hang on to everything and everyone that played a role in helping me be who I am this day, Dec. 23, 2022.

Today, Ashley Hart played a part in opening a fun door and I am finding this podcasting thing as way more meaningful and fun-even more than the best selfie- which in the end only serves to promote me and…yes I did take a couple pics while we were setting up.

I was nearly 20 when my mom was 60 and she lived nearly four more decades! Should I be so blessed I too may live a few more decades. For those who know my story my beautiful mother Betty remains fully alive and nearing 90. Through nature and nurture I am destined to be around for awhile!

Happy Birthday to my oldest grandson who was born 11 years ago on my birthday! He has a little of my personality which I take great credit for. Sorry, so hard to not just be me!

Blessing on your day, on YOUR birthday whenever it falls and in this Christmas season which gives meaning to all that I am, my purpose and my eternal destiny.


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2 Responses to First Live Interview- Me seeing me from a different viewpoint

  1. Janine says:

    I loved watching your podcast , love seeing your posts and I was clueless of your profession. I most definitely am encouraged by your words and example. Merry Christmas 🎄

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