Springtime Memory

The smell and sounds of melting snow.

It opens my mind and heart to thoughts of new life and new beginnings.
The beauty and view of deep white piles of snow will soon melt replaced by images of grass and flowers and budding leaves.

If I close my eyes today I can smell the aroma that only melting winter snow brings. Though it’s not every day there will always be one day when the temperatureĀ  is just perfect, when the sun is shining just bright enough when I can smell the memory of springtime as a little girl… That perfect moment must be when Springtime and Winter are sharing a day as they gently transition our bodies, clothes, and energy to the new season we are walking into.

  On that perfect day in an always surprising moment I catch the perfect scent of melting snow and I can see myself at the  age of 6 or 7 and I am walking on a sidewalk. I can see my shoes and I can hear the sound of each step I take on the now mostly dry pavement. No longer winter boots on snow but shiny spring shoes as I am careful to  step away from the melting puddles.  It was like a fun game of hopscotch stepping only on dry ground keeping my spring shoes clean and pretty.

It’s always a brief memory yet it always warms my heart taking me back to carefree days of childhood.

Springtime is emerging and starting to bring it’s warmth as we walk out of the chill of winter.  Today the snow is melting from the rooftop and the drying March wind is doing it’s part as well.

That perfect day for a springtime memory may soon arrive and I wait in anticipation! What hope there is in knowing that God created the seasons and that every warm spring has burst forth from every cold winter bringing thoughts of new life and new beginnings once again.

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