The Virus and Natural Immunity

After one year and 11 months of waiting we finally developed the long awaited symptoms that seemed like the flu or a cold until the loss of sense of smell recognizing the tell-tale sign of the Corona Virus. I may be the only person but I felt compelled to test this loss by smelling everything in the house that should have a strong aroma; nope, nothing, nada. As of day 12 it started to return which I am grateful for many lose it for many weeks or months.

I am beyond thrilled to have developed natural immunity from ever getting this virus again as well as any ‘variants’ as that is how the Creator made our immune system to respond. Telling only a few close friends that I tested positive as I knew I would hear what we actually did hear, “Oh, you didn’t get the vaccine? Well, then I don’t feel sorry for you at all”. I don’t need anyone to feel sorry for me-at all. I only need people to allow me the freedom to live and treat my body in the way I want to. I worked hard to strengthen my immune system for the past year and 11 months, not wearing a mask unless mandated through my employer or to shop in a store that required it. I pumped gas and then ate a snack with the same fingers that just touched the gas pump that had any number of germs and bacteria. I took weekly dose of hydroxychloroquine and daily doses of D3, Vitamin C, and Quercetin with Zinc. I also know that eating all that my husband makes has increased my risk as obesity is the number one risk factor for getting this virus. Still choosing to live fearlessly I travelled by car and plane, went to church, went out to eat and to the movies and got together with other fearless friends and family members.

I am bummed to have missed two weeks of work as I love what I do and so enjoy working with everyone I am blessed to meet. I was ‘released’ from isolation 10 days from start of symptoms but because I continued to have a fever and some other symptoms I could not yet return to work. A virus is real, fevers are real, coughs and low oxygen levels are also real symptoms. I read today the good news that the CDC has no information of an unvaccinated person who contracted Covid and recovered to get Covid again and transmit Covid to another person. I also read today and listened to Bill Gates share that the vaccine does not prevent transmission or stop Covid which thousands have already discovered. I have many more thoughts but I know at this point in time people have taken clear sides on their beliefs in regard to this topic.

I was certain I would have contracted this virus long before now but grateful for finally having the immunity now as research has shown that my natural immunity should be good for decades, never needing a pharmaceutical booster with ingredients that could have great risk for long term harm to my body.

Tonight I still cough a little, tire easily, starting to smell some aromas, and remain a follower of Jesus -the God who created me. I may never again travel to Haiti or see distant countries getting to focus on the beauty of this great country; one day travelling to many states I have yet to visit. There is a war and I am actively engaged in this spiritual battle. I pray for protection over my family, friends and all those whom I am have been blessed to meet.

I have been released.

Well, once my car is repaired from the buck damage and once Randy gets the key I just got stuck in his ignition I will be going places…

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