The One House Phone


I came across the picture today just after I had a conversation with a friend about what life was like before cell phones.  We ONLY had one phone.  One phone in a public area of our house; no privacy, no pictures, no texting. Just talking.  There was no voice mail. I still do not know how we survived having to wait to talk to someone until we arrived home. This was also a time when we wrote letters needing to wait days or weeks for a response.  If I don’t get a response to my text  in under 3 seconds now I am feeling impatient. Just a few moments ago I was talking on my cell phone (speaker) while using the same phone to scan a picture sitting in my wifi enabled printer upstairs while typing on this computer  to download the picture that was just scanned to be able to upload to this blog.  Wow.

With the amazing advances in technology there has been drawbacks to our interactions as humans, neighbors, colleagues and friends.  We can easily tap an angry face on social media now to share our outrage to a situation rather than persuasively and eloquently sharing our opinion with words.  I personally do not want to imagine life without my smart phone but thankfully I love words, love talking, writing and love hearing the stories of others. So, fun to reminisce about simpler days, ponder on how we’d communicate with ONLY one house phone and be grateful for technology, America and the times in which I am allowed to be alive in. Oh…heard a beep, gotta run….


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