People Sometimes Surprise Me

I know that everyone has their own unique journey that has made them who they are today; beginning with their genetic make-up passed on to them from their parents and then every experience good and bad goes into creating who they are today. Who you are. Who I am. I talk about this daily and I believe this yet there are still times when people surprise me…when an adult can behave in such inappropriate ways in front of guests, in front of children and not see anything wrong with their behavior. People often respond to life’s challenges the way they saw it modeled when they grew up-children learn what they live-it is true. I grew up in a family that expected and taught me to show respect for others, for everyone and it is beyond me to understand how people can treat another human being so rudely. How a person doesn’t even know that they should be embarrassed by their behavior. So many thoughts tonight; nature vs. nurture, spiritually alive vs. spiritually dead, addictions vs sobriety, family,poverty,hope vs. hopelessness, love and faith and God.

suanne-pic-rotated-left I look back to my 4 year old self and love the innocence of youth I can see in my smile. So tonight I will continue to ponder and accept that we each have our own story and I will remain grateful for my story, for the genes that were woven into my every cell, for the expectation of respect that was modeled for me and the love I will strive to have for every person whose path crosses mine.

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