We Made It Up The Mountain

We had to do it and we were racing to beat the dark as we didn’t have a flashlight. We greeted everyone with a “Bonswa” and kept a pretty good pace for 2 old and outta shape Wisconsinites. We reached the top only needing my phone flashlight for the last 5 minutes. We arrived at the building gate greeted by a couple of security guards we had yet to meet. They were not yet informed we were staying on the property so we had to wait until they confirmed it with their boss. Very safe. Of course I don’t know how often they have white people knock on their gate out of breath saying ‘this is our home this week’. After we were considered safe to enter Randy brought them some Ginger snap cookies he baked today and some lime sun tea to thank them!

I begin my mental health teaching tomorrow and I am needing Godly wisdom to share some difficult things. Randy will be experiencing his first Haitian market along with his first ride on a Haitian motorcycle to get there and back! The ride starts at the top of this mountain and he admits he is a little nervous!

I already think Randy will miss his open air kitchen as he is now making his mango soup for tomorrow’s lunch unsure of how long this market journey will last tomorrow. I am going to do some more preparation for my teaching now and snap some more pictures of my cook hard at work.

Blessed to have the prayers of so many as we attempt to serve and bless others.



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