Called To Serve

Do you wake every morning feeling you were created to do what you are doing? I am blessed to say I do. Serving those who have served our country.  Teaching, educating, listening and sometimes just really hearing the heart of those who are willing to allow me into their pains, joys, and memories. flags

Watching a broken heart heal is something pretty miraculous. Watching relationships restored and joy return after years of numbing faking smiles  always inspires me, always heals my wounds just a little more too.  God has taken my brokenness and broken  dreams on this journey of healing and offered me hope that I might in turn offer the same for others.

This week I was reminded that to be called into a career does NOT mean that everyday is full of Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory type fun and that I actually  may discover that not everyone believes, like I believe, that I was meant and sent to serve them and will only do my best to walk with them into a life of wholeness and healing. So, I will tell you as I tell myself, “Press On!” and I will wake up tomorrow, thank God for another day and go into my world, my career, my calling and know that I have been called to serve those who have served this great country.

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