I am… Alcohol

Let me introduce myself though I have a vague memory that we have met before…

I go by many names and have a variety of wonderful purposes in the lives of the broken, hurting as well as the supposedly happy. I am not ashamed to say that my ultimate goal in those who know me intimately is to destroy you. I desire your life and if that is not possibly I will destroy your dreams, your relationships, take your joy, your hope, your health and those you love.
There are few who see me as a casual acquaintance and find that I may just “taste great on a hot day” or that I am “tasty with a good meal”. I am ok with that because I know that our casual friendship will one day open the door to my greater entrance into their lives to allow me to start the destruction I desire.
I love that I can arrive into people’s lives in any shape, size, flavor or cost packaged in bright or dark colors in boxes, bottles or cans. I have no preference as whatever package gets me into your home and into your body and mind is all I care about.
Actually I have been very proud that I have the power that I do; I can change emotions from sad to happy. Of course, there are more times that my preference is to change laughter to great rage or hopeless despair; it just fits my agenda so much better. I am clever, yes, and to share my tricks and plans now does not worry me as my power is indestructible.
I am your reward at the end of a “hard day”, don’t you deserve a sip of me? I am the numb-er of your feelings. You shouldn’t have to feel that pain, that heartache, remember that horrible event? “Let me shut your mind down, you will feel so much better”. Are you worried about sleeping tonight? Those dreams? That darkness? Yes, “Here. I. Am. Let me help.”
I have the great ability to weave my way into generations and I recall when I first met your great- great- great- Grandpa and then your great-great-Grandma. Oh, and a few of your Aunts and Uncles…Sorry I am taking too much time cherishing these fond memories.
It makes my job so much easier if my generational curse – oh, let’s call it my “persuasion” that’s a nicer word, yes, my… persuasion continues without anyone breaking away from me. It has happened. Someone has broken free from me and those individuals have my greatest respect and well, hatred, as that break starts to free those who follow behind them. Sadly, I have lost generations of families when just. one. Breaks. Free.
My last trick I will share with you now is how I love to meet your children as young as I can. I laugh when I coax someone to offer a taste of me to their children and especially those cute little babies! I just hang out in their body ever so quietly until the moment when they are a little older and I gently lure them to that almost empty can or that bottle in the cupboard and whisper how wonderful I taste. How fun I am!
I am not limited to what lengths I will go to destroy you, your children, your life, your hopes, your dreams and goals. My desire is for your destruction. Let it be my Christmas gift to you this year that you meet me in a more intimate way and let us together journey down this path that I might meet your children and your children’s children….
Sincerely yours,

Dear friend,
It is my hope you have never known the destruction that alcohol can bring to your family, hopes and dreams. IF you have, then know that alcohol’s power is not indestructible. The generational curse or persuasion can be broken.
It only takes you.
For the majority of people I know alcohol in any form or package should be seen as poison. As the destroyer of dreams. As the end of your goals. As the break-er of relationships. As… death.
It is packaged beautifully for the holidays in colors of red and green, snow scenes and smiling faces. Do not let it fool you as for most it is only repackaged ‘spirits’ as it was once rightly called. A spirit of destruction. Yes, these are strong words from a person who has known the pain, heartache, and loss that alcohol brings to a family.
You are loved. There is hope. You can. Break. Free. You can live. You can see your dreams fulfilled, relationship restored, goals met and experience joy and peace once again. Your children and your children’s children will never have to walk the journey of pain, heartache and destruction.
You were created to live… really live.

Have a Blessed Christmas and a hope filled New Year!


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2 Responses to I am… Alcohol

  1. Anonymous says:

    This hits me hard. As an alcoholic I tell my self often that may be today I could just be a social drinker. But Everytime I’ve tried I turn into a drunk. Father keep me sober. Break the chain. Patricia Krutke


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