Still Under the Net

Writing with the glow of this phone tonight. The generator is running powering my fan on the other side of the net so I could turn the light on if I wanted.I’d rather not draw in any more mosquitoes just in case one is flying around the neighborhood with the dreaded malaria disease. Especially as I am without my 99% Deet right now. Just can’t re-apply after my final bucket bath for the night.
I have been blessed to have a ride up the mountain to the school (and church on Sunday) every day only having to walk down the mountain for the past 3 days. My calf muscles aren’t hurting anymore so that’s nice. I imagine I will get the opportunity to walk up Bellevue Mountain once before this week is over and place my feet in the steps that potentially 500 students have walked to attend a school that God built.
This mountain top once used mostly for voodoo ceremonies just 5 years ago now used solely by God. There is not only a school but a full clinic and pharmacy. God brought a full time occupational therapist and they also offer mental health services. They are set up to care for children following surgery as well as an area for dental services when God brings His dental workers.
It is amazing how many talented professionals God called to leave a paying job to serve without pay. On a mountain for His children needing God’s love. And healing.
I watched teachers truly teaching with the bare minimum of supplies and children truly learning who may never attend school if not for this school founded by God through one young lady who obeyed the heart of God. She walked up this mountain only to see a hungry little girl. And a tree.
I’ve seen “the tree” and the little girl now a beautiful and amazing young lady herself.
My journey here began with a book. A true story that captured my attention and once I read it I could not look away and pretend I didn’t know about children in slavery.
I am so blessed to be here. Not just here surrounded by a mosquito net but here at the base of this mountain. The heat and humidity is intense for this northern Wisconsin Grandma yet I know God has guided me here for His glory and purpose to join Him in the work He is already doing rescuing and healing-one beautiful child at a time.
Off to sleep safe within my net to the hum of the best gifts here; a running generator and a purring fan.
Good night from Haiti. Until the rooster cockadoodledoos. At 4am.


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