Wisconsin to Haiti- TRANSITION

Transition. From electricity without fail(for the most part) to electricity sporadically with the hope that you can have at least a running fan.
Transition. From springtime temperatures to a hot and humid heat offering little relief in the shade.(did I mention it is hot?)
Transition. From running water and showers to cisterns and bucket baths.
Transition. From road construction areas to roads that badly need road construction.
Transition. From working along side of others who work for a living and earning a salary to working along side those who have chosen to work without pay and actually have to ask others to financially support them so that they can work to serve others in a third world country.
Tomorrow I look forward to teaching mental health expecting God to be the ultimate translator breaking through cultural and language barriers with the goal of healing hearts and minds.

I love this transition into Haiti even IF the air is so thick I feel I struggle to breath at times. I love that God has taken my heartaches and loss and then healing to now allow me the opportunity to serve others that they too may find the same.


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