Before and After….Haiti



At a glance we may look like the same 5 people; the same smile, the same color of hair, same height yet no one returns as same person once…you’ve experience Haiti.
Its not just living without running water, limited electricity, or the plateau sounds of goats, donkeys and roosters.  It’s about experiencing God; seeing Him in the beauty of the people as we watch them live their lives in Ayiti.
Is it possible to see God in a dry and thirsty land? Where people of all ages exist in a state of chronic dehydration? Is God in the struggling baby trees wilting from a lack of rain?  Haiti blog pic Can God be seen in the life of the single mothers struggling to meet the needs of their children?
Yes, I saw God in everything and you would too if you were there. It’s hard to put into words what you witness every day; women singing praises while they cook and sweep the rocky ground with homemade brooms, children singing and dancing at their chapel service, men up in the middle of the night to drive to get water for the community AND the baby trees.

Haiti broom for blog

God is in the anticipation of answered prayers….for rain to fill their newly  built cistern, for rain to water their gardens, for rain to fill the dry stream beds.DSC_2292Haiti chicken pic for blogHaiti cistern blog

God is in the answered prayers for food when the goat or the chicken becomes the next meals for the family, when the nurse shows up in the community to help with their illness, when they have the strength to walk the 4 miles to the market and have enough money to buy fruit for the week and the strength to walk home again.

God is in the breeze…in the dark clouds that rarely produces rain yet brings shade from the baking Haitian sun, in the hardy drought loving plants and the people who trust in a God who hears their prayers.                     DSC_2299

       Tonight I pray for rain for my friends on the plateau, for strength to those God has                          called to serve there and that the lessons that God has taught us will remain                                         within our hearts until He allows us the honor of returning once again.

walking for blog

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