Our Last Night and Morning in Haiti

Ended last night with a wonderful praying meeting, singing and teaching.  Of course it was all in Creole but we got the gist of the message.

Waking to rooster, goats and donkeys making their donkey sounds will now just be echoes in our memories… until we wake up once again on the plateau.


The hospitality ladies taught us how to make a traditional Haitian dish in the Haitian-cooking over charcoal-way.


We walked some of the kids home from school but Randy had to stop to put on sun screen which made all the kids stop and watch!


Sorting the good rice from the hulls and rocks.


Jacey and Ani in the gazebo.


Teaching the women how to make pizza!


School begins every Friday with chapel and it is led by Bendgi. The kids quote scripture and songs they have learned throughout the week.


Friday afternoon they took us and the teachers to the beach!


Samuel donated his bacon for the pizza so we let him get in the picture!


Beautiful Wiltha!


Thank you to Krischelle to translate all of Randy’s pizza making instructions to the ladies.

P1160430 20150424_082609

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