Tears From a Movie

In 4 days  it will be 2 years exactly since we traveled to witness a beautiful  wedding in India. We stood on a train station platform not aware we were almost missing our train yet the most profound and painful memory is the little boys.  Begging. Staring with those empty and sad eyes. I  prayed so often for them, that they would be found or if not lost at least have a family that loves them, protects them and cares for them and offers a home for them to return to every night. As time went on there were more and more days between my prayers. Life, my family, my needs.

wp-1488773002177.jpgTonight I was back on the platform as I watched the movie “Lion”.  A little lost boy, separated from his family with only memories to haunt him and call him back to India.  This little guy’s true story is so sad yet turned out so much better than others; getting a family who loved him and years later finding and reconnecting with his birth family.

I feel burdened to help, a burden  that hurts  so deeply… to do something….  I am  praying again, for “our” little train station boys and for the thousands and thousands who are lost. Tears. For all children who are lost, hungry, lonely and alone.  It is beyond me to know what I can do but pray to the God who can.   My God who can find, save, deliver, love, and adopt for all eternity.

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