Walking Back Into an ICU

As we walked the long corridor following the security guard’s instructions there was mostly silence between us until I heard him say.”It’s been 16 years since I’ve been here”. I agreed.  Truthfully it won’t be 16 years until October 13th but who’s counting … A helicopter brought his father here and no one or nothing was ever the same following that painful day.

Today my son is no longer 14 but thirty walking towards his third child also brought by a helicopter as her perfect home within her mother unexpectedly came to an end by a team of skilled surgeons just a few hours earlier. So Mom lay recuperating in one hospital and baby is being cared for in another where they have the skills and teams to offer her the best chance of survival.


It was beautiful to watch my first born reach through the bassinet opening to comfort his baby daughter with too many tubes and monitors speaking words of love and reassurance. He is a father and he is loving his child. Clearly one can never know where life will take you and if a medical helicopter will become a part of your story …again.

Many have joined us to pray for baby Leah and I am believing she will grow and thrive and join her big brother and sister back in their home on the lake and this story will have a happy ending… that is my hope and my prayer.

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