Sometimes God Allows Life to Seemingly Just Fall Apart…

Mountain more distant for blogYep, that’s how I feel, right now in this moment…unraveling plans.  When life unravels does that mean that God was never a part of the plan?  Does it mean the ‘enemy’ is winning? Not enough faith? Not enough prayers?  Just life?

One thing I have absolutely learned through life is that sometimes I may never understand or know why God allows bad things.  The only guarantee is that God remains in control through what appears as earthly chaos. I know He desires that I respond to ‘unraveling’ with grace and assurance in Him that He remains God and that I am not and that His enemy long ago lost the battle AND greater is He within me than he that is within the world.

In a world where planes fly into mountains ending the life of so many people my struggle today seems pretty small.  I am so thankful that God hears the cries and comforts the heartache of those who’ve lost loved ones on the side of a mountain and He has the ability to strengthen me in my much lesser…. need this night.

I trust He hears all of our prayers, cries and sighs of striving to live this life and I am SO grateful this life isn’t all there is but while I am here I will press on…

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