Flying Half Way Across the World To Distant Lands

Blog March 2015 India I SO enjoy traveling anywhere but mostly I am changed when I travel far away to distant cultures, seeing the beauty of the people and the lives they live, the languages they speak and the customs they follow.
Any picture depicting a beautiful scene -real or imagined- puts me in a day-dreaming state wondering what the landscape must look like as though I can gaze into the picture past the frame to see what lies beyond. My first thought is, “I want to go there… to hear the sounds, smell the aroma of their foods and flowers; walk their streets and….taste their chocolate”. I’ve spent too much time in my life planning fantastic trips and journeys realizing the odds that this side of heaven I will never lay eyes on that faraway destination. God said we all are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ and God gave me this very fun romantic adventurous gene when He ‘wove me together in my mother’s womb’ (see Psalm 139).
I have been very thankful for social media as I can travel with my friends and have seen Greece, Israel, Japan, Brazil and various tropical islands. Though there is so much beauty in my country and in my own state thankfully I have been blessed to first hand see the beauty of distant lands.
In four days I will be traveling with family to India as we have been gifted with this amazing adventure to attend a wedding and once again I will be honored to experience the beauty of another culture. There are so many thoughts and plans that go into preparing to travel especially traveling literally half way around the earth as my globe reveals. Not just the detailed work of a visa, obtaining international data plans for my phone, but leaving a restaurant, a home and family and yes I always want to be prepared that I may die on this trip and want to make sure I’ve cleaned out my dressers and closets in case my family has to come in and may say, “Now why did she keep this…or that..” or “she still has that sweatshirt? I remember her wearing that in high school!”. Truly my life could end walking across the street near my home or driving to work any day of the week not necessarily in some distant country.
My mother asked if I was worried I could be captured by terrorists and though I’m not hoping or wanting that to be my final adventure as so many have sadly experienced I would live (and die) should God so will. We also discussed the planes that have “just disappeared” and I assured her that whenever my life ends I will be immediately in the presence of Jesus and she thoughtfully added, “then you’ll see Dad again” and there is no doubt I will be reunited with my father who has journeyed into the God’s presence ahead of us.
I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to travel away from their hometown to do it; meet new people, hear their story and share yours. I am forever changed seeing the beauty of distant lands or neighboring states each person, place and culture further confirming the magnificence of the God who created it all.
I am praying God prepares my heart for who I will meet along the way on this journey -half way around my globe- and what lessons He has me to learn that I may grow, change and be transformed more and more into the likeness of Jesus.

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2 Responses to Flying Half Way Across the World To Distant Lands

  1. Kay says:

    What an unexpected flood of your wonderful writing. How can I ever imagine that you are heading for India!! And aren’t you scheduled to go to Haiti this month also. This all absolutely delights me! What a dear Sister in Christ you are to me… Yes, may God prepare your heart for you journeys and would that we live each day with the realization that the day is His journey. Yah, that would be amazing… Heading home soon from the West Coast and several weeks off being outside almost all day walking about. Ready to go home because I miss my flock and the shepherd. Know you will keep,us in touch with prayer requests as you travel and minister… Loves yah, Kay

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    • SuAnne says:

      Kay, what a great treat to wake and see your message! Yes, Haiti in April and that trip always changes me…. Safe travels and greetings to my ltbc family.


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