Getting Ready for Haiti

It’s always a wonderful challenge packing to visit a third world country; making sure I take what I can use and often leave as gifts for others. We have so many things that can be easily found here that are difficult to purchase in an area the has few to no stores. Vitamins, herbal supplements, antibiotic ointment, cloth for sewing, craft supplies and of course tasty treats like chocolate- even nutella. Grateful to bring down packages from others as there is no postal service where I am going so nice to bring down gifts and items that others are want to send down with you to their friends and loved ones. You would think traveling in one the poorest countries in the world would be inexpensive but ends up being quite the opposite. Just for gas to journey 124 miles in country (twice) will cost $400.00 and a 7 hour ride. The only other option is a 5 seater plane for $500 and a 1 hour flight.Getting to remote areas in Haiti is so worth it when you are meeting with friends and seeing God provide for their needs and mine. Time to finish organizing suitcases!

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