Family, Lilacs and Ruby

 Is family defined by what you were born into, adopted into, married into or by a unity of faith and beliefs?  This weekend I enjoyed spending time with family and I can define family by all of the above!  We had a wonderful time meeting the newest family member-Ruby. Ruby is a beautiful little red-headed descendent of the Stockbridge-Munsee Tribe; a band of the Mohicans. Ruby met her 92 year old Great Grandma Murphy and Great Aunts and Uncles; held and loved by us all.

Soon we’ll be driving the 9 hours back north away from the blooming lilacs, lawns being watered and mowed into dwindling piles of snow and colder temperatures. Spring does eventually arrive in Northern Wisconsin it just takes a little longer and this winter has been exceptionally long!

I hear the sound of carefully placed footsteps and the gentle tapping of a cane knowing the oldest of this family is packed and ready to go.  Not too many minutes earlier I heard the sound of our youngest family member briefly crying most likely now being fed and loved by her beautiful mother.

Grateful today for family, friends, the aroma and beauty of spring… and Ruby.Image

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1 Response to Family, Lilacs and Ruby

  1. Pamela Shaw says:

    Thanks for the beautiful post. I had tears in my eyes while reading it out loud to Andrew and Michael.


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